Fragments de vie

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  1. Anonyme15:39

    belles photos (L)

  2. Photo 1: it's intriguing and I wonder what this thing is. The strong point of this composition is its complexity. +1
    Photo 2: It's my favorite part in composition - patterns. Good black and white conversion, it tells a story. However, it has a single flaw; checking the exif data, you shot this with a 1.8 aperture, which blurred the front and the back of the other patterns which is a bad, why: all these patters constitute the subject. Suggestion: in such situations shoot with f9 or f11 to have everything in focus.
    Photo 6: Nicely done, I love the old character of it!
    Photo7:Same remark I made for photo 2, shoot at f9 or f11 ( to reduce camera shake, use Higher ISO 400 or 800)
    Photo 8: This lacks impact, and it has bad composition.

    P.S: I'm bored and someone had to suffer - sorry if I made you suffer. Kidding ;) I loved your photography, why I commented, you have potential but you need to sharpen it. Read about composition and learn how to use aperture (ouverture) properly! Sorry if I was too ruthless, I hate gratis comments ;)

    I will check your other photos and provide you with feedback that would help you get better!